Which schools use the screens too?

Looking for a solution against cheating?

In May, the final exams start for many pupils and the schools have to take anti-cheat measures. Schools have taken various measures in recent years to prevent cheating. Pupils are not allowed to take a smartwatch or take mobile phones with them to the exams due to the fast-growing technology. In order to avoid looking back at someone else’s test, Nyink offers various anti-cheat screens, to let students make their own test and thus prevent cheating.

Wide range of anti-slip screens

In Eibergen, all anti-cheat solutions are thought out and designed. The basis for this is always based on a demand from our customers. Through co-creation we always find a suitable solution for every situation. This has resulted in a wide range of anti-cheat screens and concentration screens with which we can almost always offer a suitable solution.

We are happy to help you!

Is not the right solution for you? No problem, we like to think along in a customized solution. Because we have our own production facility and have short lines with education, we can often think up and produce a suitable solution in the short term. Feel free to come to us or request a free consultation. You can reach us via +31 (0)544 – 700 204 or contact us via the butts below. We are happy to help you!

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