Is your concentration a problem?

More and more people have problems concentrating in daily life, at work or at school. This increase is partly due to technological developments, which provide a lot of distraction. Think of telephones, TVs, computers and games. Distraction incentives in the environment ensure that the concentration can quickly be lost.

It is not so much that people can concentrate poorly, they concentrate on multiple or wrong things. People with concentration problems always concentrate on a wide variety of aspects for a short time. It is important for these people to be able to focus on one thing, so that the full concentration is focused for a longer time. There are several things that one can do to focus concentration.

We make specially made concentration screens to improve your concentration. More information? Then view the following link.

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Concentratieproblemen verbeteren met

Wij hebben ons de afgelopen jaren gespecialiseerd in het verbeteren van concentratie op kantoor, in het onderwijs, bij zorginstellingen en bij particulieren. Klik hier op de juiste branche of klik op de producten waarna je op zoek bent.

Our concentration screen

In order to be able to concentrate better, it is therefore important that you are not distracted by environmental stimuli. The environmental stimuli that impede the focus are visual stimuli and sound stimuli. It is therefore necessary to minimize these stimuli. This can be done by using an acoustic concentration screen.

A concentration screen offers a low-noise workplace, because a concentration screen removes visual stimuli. Nyink has developed a concentration screen that also dampens sound stimuli. This concentration screen, which for the most part consists of recycled jeans, ensures a better concentration.

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