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Size 50 x 50 cm (dxh) / 60 x 50 cm (dxh) / 70 x 50 cm (dxh) / 80 x 50 cm (dxh) / tailor-made
Sheet metal color Grey / White
  • Studentproof plate material
  • Custom made clamping bracket
  • Delivery time: 3-4 weeks, 5 working days if in stock

✓ High degree of flexibility

The Flex anti-cheating screen is clamped securely at the front of the table using a bracket. A star knob makes the screen easy to place or remove. The clamping bracket at the front is custom-made so that it fits well on existing or new tables.

✓ Easy to store

The mobile Flex storage cart makes it easy to store multiple screens. Both the sheet metal and the clamping bracket can be entirely custom-made.

What users say

‘‘These screens are made of solid materials, so they are able to withstand the odd knock. They provide privacy and, at the same time, they make it a bit harder to cheat!’’

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