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Size 50 x 45 cm (dxh) / 60 x 55 cm (dxh) / 80 x 65 cm (dxh)
Sheet metal color Grey / White
  • Use in an instant
  • Left or right mounting
  • Delivery time: 3-4 weeks, 5 working days if in stock

✓ Multifunctional spaces

This innovative anti-cheating screen separates workstations instantly. The screen is higly used to prevent cheating and to increase the concentration of the user. The Privascreens can be set up and hidden with a simple hand movement. This means that computer rooms can be converted into (digital) exam rooms in no time.

✓ Applicable to existing furniture

Because the screen is integrated into the existing furniture, it never has to be removed. The smaller version of the Privascreen can also be used in classrooms on a standard student desk. Using the Privascreen means that desks no longer have to be pushed apart, which saves space in the classroom.

What users say

‘‘The Privascreen is sturdy and works really well. Because the screens are used in a multifunctional room, it is great that they are easy to fold up and down.’’

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