Optimal workplace acoustics

”In our customer contact center, an average of 4 employees work who answer all incoming calls. Every day between 250 and 300 calls are answered here. Because of this the workplace was noisy. A frequently heard complaint was that the sound ‘stayed’ in the room. After having googled, we ended up at Nyink. A Berkelland company that specializes in, for example, workplace separations.

A phone call to Nyink was made quickly and Peter Nijhuis came to Borculo to discuss the possibilities. After a brief study of the workplaces, it quickly became clear that a wall covering would quickly yield better acoustics. Peter also advised a low partition between the workplaces. Because this was something to get used to for the employees, it was agreed to do this on a trial basis. This was not a problem. The motifs supplied on the walls were also quickly found and could be printed on the wall cloths after an e-mail.

After a week or two the wall panels were ready and could be assembled by ourselves. A logical choice given our own technical service. Assembly was no problem with the supplied manual.
The effects could be noticed immediately after assembly. The sound does not continue to ‘ring around’. For the employees this meant that they could continue to do their work for a longer period of time. We have also decided to use the dividing wall between the desks to achieve an even better result.
In short. We are very satisfied with the expertise of Nyink. A company that you can make appointments with.”

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Craftsmanship 2.0

Nyink is a young company that works in a traditional manner. With our team of professionals we supply quality products tailored perfectly to the wishes of our clients. We have been around for five years, during which time we have developed a wide range of innovative products that are used extensively in several European countries. At our own production facility in Groenlo, customisation is the norm rather than the exception. With our anti-cheating screens, concentration screens, acoustic solutions and partitions we demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable manufacture of problem-solving products.

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