Peter Nijhuis

Peter is a born craftsman as son of a clog maker. While studying commercial economics, this handy man discovered his commercial talent and knows how to combine these two facets at Nyink. In his spare time he defies the forests as Rambo during the survival sport and he is building his own house. In addition, Peter is a fanatic volunteer at, among other things, the local football club and the carnival.

‘What I really enjoy at Nyink is the variety of our work and the reaction of our clients when we realise yet another project to their satisfaction. The entire process, from devising a solution through to development and delivery, gives us a lot of energy and encourages us as a company to keep on growing.’

Do you have a question for Peter?

You can contact him by sending an email to or by callling him on +31 (0)6 42 54 73 85.

Erik Weenink

Erik is one of the creative forces behind Nyink. In the weekend, this bon vivant enriches his creative spirit and during the week he knows how to turn this into beautiful designs and new solutions for our customers. This craftsman can not be easily be beaten, not even in his spare time on the tennis court. In addition, Erik is a member of the sectoral exams advisory committee, helping Erik to keep the professional education diploma’s up to standard.

‘Through interaction with our clients we are able to improve our products constantly and to design products that meet new demands in the market. It gives us pleasure to offer clients a solution that they would not have been able to think of themselves. For me, every project represents a new challenge in which I always strive for a result that best suits our client.’

Do you have a question for Erik?

You can reach him by sending an email to or by calling him on  +31 (0) 6 18 10 21 81.