An acoustic panel is just a basic piece of painted foam

We hear it a lot: Improving acoustics with a piece of wood or foam with a fabric case around it. Yes it is true that softer materials improve acoustics, so why would you have to purchase an acoustic panel wit a special kind of acoustic material implemented into the panel?

Acoustic products are specially designed to provide acoustic comfort and decrease the distraction of disturbing noises. People usually use a piece of coated wood or foam to fix these problems, but is it useable for every situation?

A coated piece of foam is actually a non intertwined fabric or foam which is selected on thickness, density and material. Blending different kinds of materials improves the acoustic comfort within the room, because it absorbs the different frequencies.

Sustainable acoustic material

The acoustic material used by Nyink is made out of non-wearable clothing with different densities, this results in enhancing the absorption of more frequencies at once. This material contains 90% recycled cotton fiber, it is sorted, fiberized and processed in social workspaces. The density of the fibers create a density of 0.95αw, while foam has an acoustic value of 0.70αw.

Depending on the thickness of the filling, the panel has different acoustic qualities. How thicker the material and how bigger the panel, how more effect it will have on the acoustics in a room. The fabric that is used to cover the acoustic material is just as important. This can have an effect on the sound absorbing efficiency of the entire panel. The special Camira fabric is a sound permeable fabric and makes sure that the acoustic material on the inside can absorb the sound in an efficient way. The high absorption power is achieved thanks to the combination of shape and fibers.

Conclusion….. The acoustic panels from Nyink are not just coated pieces of foam. Research was done to every individual material. Together it results in a high end acoustic panel. So if you order a wall panel, room divider or any other product from us, you will be guaranteed a high quality panel which will improve the acoustics in the house or office.

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