Circular economy modernized

Sustainability is becoming an important part of life. Even the interior industry is adapting products to fit the current standards for durability. This won’t change in 2021 or in 2022. We are seeing more products which  contain bioplastics and recycled materials.

Nyink is constantly thinking about ways to improve our products to make sure they have a minimal impact on the environment. From the start Nyink has chosen to use recycled jeans as acoustic material and give the jeans a second use. Our acoustic materials aren’t just recycled but also add to a clean and healthy workspace. Since the fibers in our products are natural, they absorb the moisture in the air and release it when the air is dry.

Our aluminum frames don’t just have a modern look, they are 58% recycled. When the aluminum is at the end of it’s durability it gets recycled. According to International Aluminum Institute 75% of once produced aluminum is still in use.

Did you know: Recycled aluminum costs 5% energy when producing new aluminum costs 100% energy?

All materials delivered to Nyink are reused! From Plastic to cardboard and wood to aluminum. Without a circular economy the raw materials will run out and we wont be able to live anymore. Wondering what else we do to stimulate the environments health? Follow us on our socials!

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