Concentratieschermen driehoekstafel

A new product: Concentration screen for triangular tables

The concentration screen is a product for people who have difficulty concentrating, concentration problems are often caused by stimuli in the environment. The Nyink concentration screen reduces both visual stimuli and sound stimuli.

Nyink has developed the concentration screen with sound-absorbing material. The sound-absorbing material is made from recycled clothing and is lightweight. The upholstery is anti-bacterial and available in 6 different colors. The concentration screen is easy to store and attach to tables by means of an elastic band.

Nyink offers a suitable and child-friendly screen for every situation. Within the range of concentration screens we have 4 important factors: the sound-absorbing capacity, the appearance, the child friendliness and that the product is ‘student proof’.

There are several types of concentration screens, and a new variant has now been added that is optimal for making concentration work at triangular tables. In education, triangular tables are being used more and more often because they can create different set-ups. This flexibility is ideal for working in groups where the furniture has to be able to change with the activities that take place in the room at that moment. Feel free to take a look by clicking on the link.
More about the concentration screen for triangular tables


As you can see from the picture above, only two concentration screens are needed to create 4 workstations. This way you can easily create quiet workplaces with relatively little material. Another advantage of the screen is that it is easy to store, and can also be used for tests in education. The concentration screen is available in different colors and will therefore also look beautiful at your school.

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