Nyink in pCon

We are proud to announce that our tailor-made products can be used in the pCon planner from 2017 onwards

What is the pCon planner?

The pCon planner is a free interior design program that allows you to create simple detailed 2D and 3D maps and images. You can easily add CAD models in different formats to your drawing, or you can use the models from the catalog of the affiliated suppliers. This software can be used both private and business. Nyink will become one of the affiliated suppliers from 2017, so that all products can be used as standard. This makes it easy for dealers, among others, to draw Nyink’s custom products in pCon.

What does this mean for Nyink?

It is important to us that we serve (potential) customers as well as possible. This starts with the best service offer. From various sides we were told that use is made of pCon. However, our products are not listed here, a missed opportunity! That is why we did not have to make a difficult decision, but contacted pCon directly. The result? All our products are from 2017 onwards in pCon.

Would you like to know more about pCon yourself? View the website of pCon.

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