Plants keep Quiet!

You probably don’t think about it very often, but air in the office is very unhealthy. Computers and laptops combined with air conditioning and heaters can cause dry eyes and serious headaches. It’s a bad ecosystem.

“Does that mean desk jobs are unhealthy?”

No not necessarily, we provided a small physics lesson below.

6 CO + 6 HO + sunlight = C6H₁₂O6 + 6 O.

A more clear explanation:

Plants absorb CO₂ from the atmosphere, this purifies the air around you. Provide the plant with the right amount of water and sunlight and in return it will give you a oxygen enriched and healthy atmosphere. This will result in a decrease of dry eyes and headaches.

We have found the perfect solution to add plants in the office while keeping a silent workspace. We call it the acoustic planter box. This helps to provide clean air and keeping good acoustics. The planter boxes are available in 4 different sizes. All planter boxes can be fitted with a black, white or aluminum frame.

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