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Peace at language practicals

Our acoustic solutions not only offer solutions in the office, but are also widely applicable. Also in the home, at school and in leisure time there is a need for rest. Likewise at the University of Utrecht. For the language practicals, one was looking for a solution that dampens the noise at the workplaces. The solution was found in our acoustic wall. Because customization is our standard, we have developed a solution that exactly matches the wishes of the customer.

As the name implies, the language practicals are specifically intended for practicing communicative and auditory skills. During these practicals, several students must be able to talk and listen at the same time without having too much discomfort. This offers an acoustic challenge that we have solved with a customized version of our acoustic wall.

Acoustic desktop wall

The acoustic set-up wall is often used for restless workplaces. Since they started working with open offices and large open study rooms, it is increasingly difficult for people to check themselves. There are constant stimuli around you that ensure that attention is pulled away from your work. Think of people passing by, rubbish from someone else, a printer who is catching on or a ringing colleague. Our acoustic set-up wall ensures that these stimuli are limited. Not only does it shield the workplace from movement and clutter, the screens also attenuate 95% of the speech that goes into the panel.


Solution for language practicals

In the case of language practicals, noise reduction is particularly important. Because several students are calling in the room at the same time, there is an excess of noise, and the reflection of this causes a disturbing reverberation. You probably know it when you are called by a call center and you can listen to the conversations of others in the background. In this case, we had the acoustic wall mounted walls protrude slightly over the tables to ensure that a large part of the sound is attenuated at the source. By repeating this at every workplace, the source sound is removed to a large extent and therefore also the disturbing reverberation.


Also need our help?

Do you also have an acoustic problem and do not know what to do with it, or are you unable to concentrate on your workplace with a lot of movement and sound around you, please feel free to contact us. An advice is always free and through our customized drawing service we can perfectly visualize the desired situation.


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