Akoestisch materiaal Nyink-min

From jeans to acoustic panel

This week again around ± 3500 jeans have been delivered to us with acoustic material! We incorporate these fiberized and pressed jeans into our acoustic products. From concentrating screen to acoustic wall panel, divider and top wall, they are all filled with this durable absorption material. The processed jeans ensure the sound absorption in our products. The jeans, however, do not go directly into our products, this is preceded by a whole process.

The recycling process
Every year around 124 million kilos of clothing are thrown away and burned in the Netherlands. Very sinful and unnecessary, since the clothes can easily get a new life. The jeans that are processed in our panels have been collected by Sympany. Sympany is a social clothing collection company that seeks a second life for clothing. Here the usable clothing is sold and the non-wearable clothing processed into insulation or new clothing. During processing, the cotton fibers are pulled apart and made fire-retardant. Next, when producing the acoustic plates, it is searching for the optimal hardness, weight and quantity of binder. In cooperation with VRK we have found an optimal pressing for our acoustic products.

Sustainable product
The fact that the acoustic material we use is sustainable is demonstrated by the achieved EPD score of an A + and the achieved DUBO quality mark. Watch the Sympany video below to see how the recycling process from jeans to acoustic records works.

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