Our solutions in privacy screens

Are you looking for privacy screens that reduce both visual stimuli and noise stimuli? Nyink offers multiple solutions to guarantee both privacy characteristics. Both in education and in the office there is a need for privacy. Think of confidential telephone calls or personal e-mails and review. Privacy screens come in different variants, depending on the wishes of the user. In the office, privacy screens are often used on the desk to separate the workstations from each other. This gives the user more privacy and the office seems a lot neater, because the items on the desk are less visible. Another important aspect of the privacy screens in the office is the acoustics, or the sound absorption of the privacy screen.

A lot of privacy is used within education. Since the needs in education differ from those in the office, other types of privacy screens are used in education. Within education, privacy screens are often used in the form of anti-cheek screens and concentration screens. Nyink offers various solutions such as a foldable anti-lock screen, easily removable and permanent privacy screens. All these different privacy screens each have their own advantages and are often used during tests or for students who have difficulty concentrating.

In primary education there is a great need to help students with concentration problems concentrate. Especially when making individual assignments at school there are many children who are quickly distracted by movement and sound. Nyink has developed a sound-absorbing concentration screen that can be placed temporarily on the student table. This U-shaped privacy screen ensures that the pupil is less distracted by environmental stimuli, such as movement and sound. The concentration screen has a very high sound-absorbing value and is extremely child-friendly since the product consists of soft materials and can easily be placed by the child himself.

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Privacy screen in different types and sizes

Anti-cheat screens and separation screens

A separation screen is a dividing wall that ensures a visual separation. Usually separation screens are used in the form of desk screens or partitions. There are many variants of separation screens in all shapes and sizes, but a very important aspect is the acoustic value of the separation screen. More and more people see the added value of a good acoustic separation screen.

Anti-cheat screens
When the test is over, the Privascreen can easily be put together again so that the classroom is free for a normal lesson. Nyink’s peak blockers therefore not only offer your school a solution for more reliable test results, but also give your pupils the concentration they deserve during a test. Do you want more information? Or would you like to order one of our spiekblokkers? View the different options and contact us.