Product Size ø120cm / ø40 cm / ø80 cm
Product Print Amandelbloesem / Banana(leaves) / De bedreigde zwaan / De vrolijke drinker / De windstoot / De witte boomgaard / Een boeket bloemen / Flamingo / Gezicht op Delft / In 't Gein bij Abcoude / Italiaans landschap met parasoldennen / Kinderen der Zee / Leaves / Meisje met de brede hoed / Meisje met de Parel / Melkmeisje / Mona Lisa / Monkeys and Leaves / Portret van een meisje in het blauw / Sterrennacht / Stilleven met bloemen - Eelke / Stilleven met bloemen - Jans / Stilleven met bloemen in een glazen vaas / Trochilidae (kolibries) / Vaas met bloemen / Women with flowers / Zelfportret


The filling inside the acoustic wall circle is a 40mm thick absorption material made out of fiberized and compressed recycled cotton. This material is 90% recycled cotton fibers, separated in social workspaces and fiberized into the padding we see today (you don’t really see it).

The acoustic material is a natural product making the particles that might escape harmless. The acoustic material is designed to the LCA, by a known research company, Gaz de France, later it is received by the FDES. Besides the acoustic material is approved by DUBOkeur.


The cores of our acoustic products contains a high quality acoustic material. the cotton fibers assure a optimal sound absorption with an acoustic value of 0.95αw.

The acoustic material placed in our products removes humidity due to the fact that the fibers are natural. The result is less humidity and a healthier work environment.

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