Acoustic solutions
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What is an acoustic solution?

Many people do suffer from it: negative stimuli. In most cases, this involves sound stimulation from colleagues who are calling, a neighbor with loud music or a machine that makes too much noise. A common problem of which the solution is easier to find than often thought.

An acoustic panel ensures that the sound is absorbed into the wall. At Nyink we have a unique method for this. By using recycled jeans in our acoustic solutions, this ensures that you no longer suffer from noise stimulation.

These acoustic solutions can be applied in different ways. Think of an acoustic wall panel for the wall, an acoustic desk divider is ideal for the office and our screen is the solution for education.

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Our acoustic products

On our website you will find a wide range of products that provide peace of mind at your home, at your workplace, or in your spare time. In addition, we offer tailor-made solutions so that you will always achieve the desired result. We have acoustic products for different sectors.

The total solutions for the sectors can be found below:

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