Dealing with privacy in a library

Nyink produces solutions that create peace and privacy in libraries and is known for their privacy screens and acoustic solutions. In 2017, Nyink rolled things up with a completely new website and new solutions for libraries, including a privacy screen that enables visitors to do their digital business with the tax authorities.

Visitors to a library want to be able to read, study or work at ease. A library is pre-eminently a place where people want to experience. We experience by seeing, feeling and hearing. The experience of a library therefore has a big influence on the visitor. With a wide range of innovative products, Nyink makes a positive contribution to the way we experience a library. Creating peace and quiet through one of Nyink’s customized solutions is the best way to achieve this.

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Visual and acoustic rest in a library

The Tax and Customs Administration, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and the Public Libraries concluded a covenant in 2016. These parties have started working together to support people in doing digital business with the government. The 800 libraries offer facilities such as computers, printers and courses. However, there are more issues involved in doing digital business with the government. An important aspect is privacy and the protection of personal data. Nyink has developed several solutions to provide the necessary privacy. This could include privacy screens that are easy to install, fixed workplace partitions and retractable partitions.

Our solutions for libraries

To create more peace and privacy at libraries, we have developed various customized solutions. We are also happy to help you further. Do you have a question for us? Feel free to contact us or chat directly with craftsman Erik. We are happy to help you!