High sensitivity in school

Overstimulation in a person arises when too many stimuli are received. This means that the nervous system can not process all stimuli. A first step to regulate over-stimulation in a high-sensitive child is to allow the nervous system to process the stimuli. This will go best in a low-stimulus environment, so that there is also real peace to process the stimuli. A classroom is not a low-irritation environment for a high-sensitive child, because of the many different materials, colors, movements and sounds. To limit the number of stimuli in a child with high sensitivity, use can be made of the Nyink concentration screen.

The concentration screen is easy to place on the table of the high-sensitive student, so that the visual stimuli and sound stimuli are significantly reduced. The visual stimuli are reduced as the concentration screen leaves the workplace farewell to the many different colors and movements in the classroom. The concentration screen is available in several relaxing colors, such as the calming color blue. In addition to reducing visual stimuli, the screen also reduces noise stimulation, since the product consists of high-quality acoustic material made from recycled jeans. By nature, this material has very high sound-absorbing properties, so that the highly sensitive child experiences considerably fewer sounds from the classroom and beyond. As soon as the child threatens to become over-stimulated, the concentration screen can give him or her the opportunity to reduce the stimuli, thereby improving the concentration and performance of the high-sensitivity child.

Elaine Aron mentions in her book ‘The High Sensitive Child’ some characteristics of high sensitivity, among which it can not do well against a noisy environment. It is important for high-sensitive children to limit the environmental stimuli, such as visual and sound stimuli, as much as possible. Especially if they have to concentrate, this is certainly important. The Nyink concentration screen can significantly reduce these stimuli, making concentration in the classroom and doing homework a lot easier. The concentration screen is highly recommended for children with high sensitivity who have difficulty concentrating vision. View the concentration screen.

High-sensitivity solutions

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