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We offer you a free customized advice. Large open spaces cause reverberation, which is annoying when working at the office. Particularly in rooms where a lot of communication / calling is made, the sound will continue to ring through the room. In order to work efficiently, it is important to reduce these noise stimuli and movement stimuli. With our acoustic solutions we ensure that you can work in the office again without being distracted. View our solutions, or request an advisory meeting.

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Meet our professionals. This young and enthusiastic team is always ready to work on your issue. Our team consists of people from different backgrounds who know an answer to almost all questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Nyink has specialized as a supplier of rest solutions. Acoustics is an important part of this. We produce sustainable acoustic solutions of high quality, for an attractive price. With our acoustic products we create both an acoustic and visual rest. Everything is custom-made with us.

More information about acoustic panels


The Nyink acoustic panels have a filling that consists of 40mm thick absorbent material, made from recycled clothing. This material naturally has a very high acoustic value (αw 0.95), because the many natural fibers in the product break the sound waves.


The upholstery of the acoustic panels is easy to replace, making it possible to create a new look in an economical way. In this way, a space can be given a new look in a simple way. Another big advantage is that the acoustic panels are made to measure in Groenlo, making customization standard.


Thanks to a clever suspension system, the wall panels can be suspended from two to three eccentric discs. If the two or three holes in the wall are not completely leveled, it is possible to adjust the eccentric disc until the acoustic wall panel hangs level.

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