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Color upholstery side 1 Anthracite / Beige / Black / Blue / Print / Red / White
Frame color Aluminum / Black / White
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✓ Good improvement of acoustics

The acoustic ceiling panels ensure that sound waves in a room are broken, causing disruptive reverberation in a room to disappear. Ceiling panels are very practical aesthetically because the panel is elevated in the room.

✓ Assemble your own ceiling panel

If it is necessary to improve the acoustics, but there is no room on the wall for a wall panel, our acoustic ceiling panel offers a solution. This custom-made panel is easy to fasten to a ceiling or suspended ceiling and absorbs excess noise and reverberation in a room. The panels are equipped with 40mm thick absorption material and, if you wish, they can be printed with a print of your choice.

What users say

‘‘We are very pleased with Nyink’s expertise. The effect was noticeable immediately after installation. The sound no longer echoes.’’

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