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Color upholstery side 1 Anthracite / Beige / Black / Blue / Print / Red
Color upholstery side 2 Anthracite / Beige / Black / Blue / Print / Red
Frame color Aluminum / Black / White
Frame Flat base / Mobile base / Standard base
? cm
? cm
  • High acoustic value of 0.95αw
  • Always custom made
  • Delivery time: 3-4 weeks, 5 working days if in stock

Customisation as standard

The acoustic room divider provides both a visual and an acoustic partition. The product is widely used between workstations and positioned freely in the room as an acoustic room divider. We can fit the screen with standard, flat or mobile feet, as required. The screens are custom-upholstered and furnished with a photo print.

Make your space multi-usable

These days, rooms are used for more and more purposes. One moment they are a classroom, the next an out-of-school care facility, or they might be a canteen or a meeting room. Using acoustic room dividers makes it easy to partition rooms both visually and acoustically.

What users say

‘‘The acoustic room dividers are very user-friendly. They have therefore already been erected in various places, and they are easy to move and quick to slide in place.’’

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Kalff is a fund raising company for non-profit organizations. This progressive company with more than 220 employees is based in Amsterdam and Almere. With upgrading the call center in Almere, the acoustic solutions from Nyink were chosen.

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