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Color upholstery side 1 Anthracite / Beige / Black / Blue / Grey / Print / Red
Color upholstery side 2 Anthracite / Beige / Black / Blue / Grey / Print / Red
Size 150 x 100 cm (hxw) / 150 x 119 cm (hxw) / 160 x 100 cm (hxw) / 160 x 119 cm (hxw) / 170 x 100 cm (hxw) / 170 x 119 cm (hxw) / 180 x 100 cm (hxw) / 180 x 119 cm (hxw) / 190 x 100 cm (hxw) / 190 x 119 cm (hxw)

Easy to use

The acoustic whiteboard consists largely of high-grade acoustic material, giving a significant amount of noise reduction in the room. The integrated whiteboard is very handy to use for many purposes, such as brainstorming sessions, meetings, education, etc. The writing surface is equipped with a double layer of coated steel with a scratch-resistant and non-porous top layer.



Double function

In rooms where whiteboards are used there are often multiple people present, so any disruptive sound is really annoying, making it difficult to understand what is said and disturbing concentration, etc. Thanks to the dual effect of the acoustic whiteboard, the reverberation in the room is reduced and the functionality of the room is increased.



What users say

“The acoustic whiteboard is very pleasant to use and has a large writing surface which remains in great condition even after intensive use. The reverberation in our meeting room has also lost, it has become a very pleasant room thanks to this wonderful product”

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