The ideal environment for calling!

A fanatic team calls almost constantly in Kalff call centers. This recruitment agency goes for quality and wants to see this reflected in the conversations and among the employees. They are aware of the working environment that influences this. Because many people are calling in a relatively small space, it quickly becomes noisy. To prevent this, partitions were installed. However, these walls did not have good acoustic values ​​and the appearance was due for renewal.

For the redesign of the new office, Kalff approached Nyink to improve the acoustics by placing new acoustic panels between the workplaces. Because all tables are at the same level, the acoustic desktop wall is an effective and relatively inexpensive solution.

The end result is a call center where there is much more peace and quiet and where employees can work more concentrated.

“When we entered the room we immediately noticed the difference. Very nice!”

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Craftsmanship 2.0

Nyink is a young company that works in a traditional manner. With our team of professionals we supply quality products tailored perfectly to the wishes of our clients. We have been around for five years, during which time we have developed a wide range of innovative products that are used extensively in several European countries. At our own production facility in Groenlo, customisation is the norm rather than the exception. With our anti-cheating screens, concentration screens, acoustic solutions and partitions we demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable manufacture of problem-solving products.

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