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Joel’s new kitchen had a disturbing reverberation. We also noticed that there was no personal touch to the space. Revereberation is caused by access noise present in the room which isn’t muted. To ensure a surface that is big enough to decrease reverberation we have discussed the opportunities with Joel. The conclusion was that we were going to place acoustic panels with a custom print. These panels combined have a surface large enough to decrease reverberation in the room. You immediately notice the difference, especially when people are talking. The panels are fitted with two vacation pictures made by Joel. These pictures are easy to switch for new pictures to make it fitting for every occasion.

Peter Nijhuis Nyink

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Craftsmanship 2.0

Nyink is a young company that works in a traditional manner. With our team of professionals we supply quality products tailored perfectly to the wishes of our clients. We have been around for five years, during which time we have developed a wide range of innovative products that are used extensively in several European countries. At our own production facility in Groenlo, customisation is the norm rather than the exception. With our anti-cheating screens, concentration screens, acoustic solutions and partitions we demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable manufacture of problem-solving products.

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