Customers React

”The acoustic room dividers are very user friendly. They have been deployed in many places. Easy to move and quickly placeable in between people. The room dividers have a nice look, great that the panel has two different colors on each side. We need the screens to create a stimuli free area for our clients. It does what it does and it lives up to our expectations. After we found Nyink, we found the level of contact very pleasant and had quick responses to our questions. Nyink is an open and transparent company which lives up to their promises.”

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Erik Weenink
Job Harmsen
Dave Lageschaar

Craftsmanship 2.0

Nyink is a young company that works in a traditional manner. With our team of professionals we supply quality products tailored perfectly to the wishes of our clients. We have been around for five years, during which time we have developed a wide range of innovative products that are used extensively in several European countries. At our own production facility in Groenlo, customisation is the norm rather than the exception. With our anti-cheating screens, concentration screens, acoustic solutions and partitions we demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable manufacture of problem-solving products.

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