Reaction users

‘‘Qualitatively good products ideal for children with ADHD, autism or concentration problems.” (Marco)

”Fast and easy to attach to the tables! Take up little space, can be placed against the table when the screen is not in use. The concentration screens can take a beating and are durable. The screen does not completely close to the sides, so children have distraction left and right. You can slide the screen forward. Children experience the screen as pleasant. They ask for it themselves during the processing of the course material or during tests.” (Elementary School de Talisman)

‘‘They are light and therefore easy to use. They are also cozy and not conspicuously executed.” (Elementary School de Boemerang)

‘‘Because the screen is very light, my son can transport the screen himself. The screen is slightly on the big side, but the material and colors are good. By choosing the cool color green, my son does not mind using his screen. More attention is certainly made. A carrying bag would be a nice addition to the product. In general, the service with Nyink was good and fast, delivery also took place quickly.” (Lieve Willems)

‘‘A great product, great weight with a soothing color. The quality is good and the pupil benefits from the concentration screen.” (Caroline Boumans)


”I have purchased the concentration screen i.v. a course for which I have to take a large group of written examinations. The screen helps me to keep out visual and auditory stimuli (in combination with earplugs), so that I can concentrate better on my exam. Positive experiences so far and my teachers have also responded positively and with interest.” (private customer)

”Soundless and colorful. The screen gives peace and creates a place of its own.” (Free School Zwolle)

”A useful tool for our quickly-derived children.” (Special Needs Elementary School Pluryn)

”Very manageable concentration screens due to the lightweight material.” (Special Needs Elementary School Kentalis Amsterdam)

”Good, fast service. Highly recommended.” (Elementary School Loeswijk)

”The concentration screen gives a lot of rest and ensures a better concentration of our students. The student feels at ease because of the material and the color choice.” (Intermetzo Zutphen)

”The concentration screen helps students and teachers to create a good working atmosphere in the classroom where students can take responsibility themselves to improve their concentration.” (Special Needs Elementary School de Brug)

”It is a challenge for our team to discover educational support resources to help our students. Your concentration screen was such a find’.’ (Special Needs Elementary School het Avontuur)