Bureauscherm akoestische opzetwand

Acoustic desk screen

The acoustic desk screen is a  screen that is attached to the table top by means of a clamp. This top wall starts 5 cm from the top of the table  which means cables can easily pass under the screen. For a noticeable acoustic effect, we recommend that you order the panel at least 55 cm high.

  • Affordably priced
  • Easy cable management
  • Tabletop clamp 30 mm or 70 mm



Acoustic front desk screen

The acoustic front desk screen is an acoustic screen that is clamped on the front of the table rather than on top of it. The advantage of this acoustic panel is that it also breaks the view under the table. This is a desirable situation, particularly for sit-stand workplaces. The location of the blade clamp is determined separately, so that the height of the panel above and below the blade can be determined as desired.

  • Works to block the view both on top and under the table
  • Choose your own height above and below table
  • Clamp 70 mm



Akoestische voorzetwand zwart

Akoestisch bureauscherm tussenwand

Acoustic deskdivider

The acoustic bench screen is an acoustic screen for double desks. This screen is mounted on the frame of the table between the workpsaces. This can be done damageless by means of two powerful magnets or by threaded rods through the table frame. The attachment to the frame allows the tables to move independently from the acoustic desk screen.

  • Ideal for bench workplaces
  • Fast and damage-free attachment
  • Calm look and unity in height throughout the office





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Color upholstery side 2

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Type desk screen

number of pieces

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Color upholstery side 1 Anthracite / Beige / Black / Blue / Grey / Print / Red
Color upholstery side 2 Anthracite / Beige / Black / Blue / Grey / Print / Red
Frame color Aluminum / Black / White
Type desk screen Bench screen / Desktop front screen / Desktop screen
? cm
? cm


Akoestische waarden Nyink b.v.

Class A sound absorption: αw 0,95

✓ More rest & less nuisance

Acoustic desk screens are attached to the table top or table frame by means of a clamp, magnets or threaded rods. These screens are often used in the office or at computer desks to create  visual and acoustic closure.




✓ Customize your acoustic screen

By placing this wall on the back/side of the table, distraction stimuli are less visible. The screen is also filled with a sound-damping material made out of recycled clothing that reduces noise in the workplace.




User speaks

“We have decided to use acoustic screens between the desks to achieve even better results. Nyink is a company with which you can make good agreements. ” (Municipality of Berkelland)

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